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Each data series in a multi-symbol chart has a unique Data Number. Data Numbers are used to differentiate data series in multi-symbol charts, and for the calculation of indicators that use several data series. The Data Number is automatically assigned according to the order in which the data series was added to a Chart Window.

The Data Number can also be set manually while a series is being added, except for the very first series to be added to a Chart Window, which is always Data #1. A Data Number can no longer be changed once the series has been plotted.

Note: Any data series can be deleted from a multi-symbol Chart Window, except for the data series with the Data # 1. Data series # 1 can only be deleted by closing the Chart Window.

Setting Data Number

The Data Number can be set manually from the Format Instruments window only when the series is being added. Once the series has been plotted, the Data Number can not be changed.

To manually set a Data Number to a data series:

  1. Follow the instructions for inserting an additional data series into a Chart Window; to learn how insert an additional series, see Inserting Additional Symbols into a Chart Window.
  2. Before clicking OK select the Settings tab in the Format Instruments window.
  3. In the Display section, in the Data Number drop-down list box, select a Data Number for the data series being created.