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Returns a numerical value, indicating the time at the complete exit from the specified position. The time is indicated in the 24-hour HHmm format, where 1300 = 1:00 PM.




PosBack - a numerical expression, specifying the position:
1 - the last position closed (one position back);
2 - two positions back, etc.


  • This function can only be used in signals.
  • Use EntryTime to get the entry time for a specified position.
  • Use EntryDate and ExitDate to respectively get the entry date and exit date for a specified position.


Assign a value, indicating the time that the most recently closed position has been exited, to Value1 variable:

Value1 = ExitTime(1);

Value 1 will equal to 1545 when the exit time of the position was 3:45 PM.