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A skip word; used in strategy exit statements in combination with Entry word that ties an exit to the particular entry that was assigned the EntryLabel name.

An exit can only be tied to an entry within the same signal; for more information, see Buy or SellShort.

Skip Words serve solely to improve the readability of PowerLanguage code and are skipped (ignored) during the compilation and execution.

The use of Skip Words is optional; they can be inserted anywhere within the PL code and will appear in red in PowerLanguage Editor.


From Entry("EntryLabel")


EntryLabel - the name that was assigned to the entry that the exit is to be tied to.
From - a skip word and can be omitted.


Completely exit from the long position established by the entry labelled "Original Entry", at Market price on open of next bar:

Sell From Entry ("Original Entry") Next Bar at Open;