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To connect MultiCharts to IWBank broker, it is necessary to have their software installed and launched on the computer.

To download the latest version of IW Quick Trade, follow this link: http://www.iwbank.it/piattaforma-professionale-iwquicktrade-trader.html

Open position Profit/Loss is calculated in MultiCharts.

Unrealized Profit/Loss for the account is calculated in MultiCharts.

IWBank supports native One-Cancels-Others group. Native OCO-group is used when the broker’s plug-in supports OCO-groups. In this case all OCO orders are sent to the broker directly and unfilled OCO orders will be cancelled by the broker.

Setting up IWBank Quick Trade Connection

In IW Bank Quick Trade terminal go to Tools -> Settings -> External Interface settings.

Enable the following options:

1) The external access is possible only from the Computer

2) Enable sending of dossier via socket

Then go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ open the "hosts" file with any text editor.

Add the following lines: localhost

#_::1 localhost

Restart MultiCharts and IW Bank Quick Trade terminal.

Setting up IWBank Quick Trade Broker Profile

In the Properties IWBank window (see Managing Broker Profiles) enter your User ID on Connection tab.

Select your Account on Account Settings tab.

Select Time in force of orders on the Default Order Settings tab.

  • DAY
Order is canceled if it is not executed by the close of the trading day. DAY is set as default.
  • GTC (Good-Till-Canceled)
Order stays within the system and in the marketplace till it gets executed or canceled. GTC orders are automatically cancelled under the following conditions.
  • IOC(Immediate-or-Cancel)
Any portion of an order that is not filled is to be canceled as soon as it becomes available in the market.
  • GTD (Good Till Date)
Order is placed and it is active up to a specified date. Once GTD Time-In-Force parameter is selected, the Good Till Date field appears allowing to specify a number of days.