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Gets the value calculated by a signal that is to be used for plotting from an indicator. It can be considered as a bridge between a signal and an indicator. Using i_setplotvalue and i_getplotvalue keywords makes it possible to avoid copying the same script for calculation the same value in both indicator and signal.




  • index is the reference number.


  1. i_getplotvalue can be used in functions and indicators if any signal is applied to the main chart.
  2. Values will be transferred between i_setplotvalue and i_getplotvalue ONLY within 1 chart window,
  3. i_setplotvalue and i_getplotvalue will return 0 if applied to the Market Scanner Window,
  4. i_setplotvalue and i_getplotvalue cannot be used while backtesting a portfolio,
  5. i_setplotvalue and i_getplotvaluecannot be referred historically,
  6. it is possible to use unlimited indexes for data transfer.


Plot in the indicator the max drawdown and open equity values calculated by the signal with indexes 111 and 112

plot1(i_getplotvalue(111), "MaxIDDrawdown");
plot2(i_getplotvalue(112), "OpenEquity");