MaxPositionProfit Checked

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Returns a numerical value, indicating the largest gain reached while the specified position was held.




PosBack - a numerical expression, specifying the position:
0 - open position;
1 - one position back (the last position closed);
2 - two positions back, etc.

If PosBack is not specified, a value for the open position will be returned.


  1. This function can only be used in signals.
  2. If PosBack value is greater that the real number of previously opened positions, MaxPositionProfit_Checked will generate an error.


will return a value of 0 if the value of the open position has not increased at any time while it was held
MaxPositionProfit_Checked (1)
will return a value of 10 if the most recently closed position has gained in value as much as $10 while it was held