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Sometimes you need to restart MultiCharts. If a user closes MultiCharts and restarts it too quickly, some of MultiCharts processes may have no time for a correct shutdown. After MultiCharts and all of its applications (i.e. MC, QuoteManager, PL editor, ...) are closed, it is recommended to make sure that all processes are ended in the Windows Task Manager:

  1. ATCenterServer.exe
  2. MultiCharts.exe
  3. MultiCharts64.exe
  4. MCportfolio.exe
  5. MessageCenter.exe
  6. ORVisualizer.exe
  7. PLEditor.exe
  8. PLEditor.NET.exe
  9. QuoteManager.exe
  10. SEFUtility.exe
  11. StudyServer.exe
  12. StudyServer.NET.exe
  13. TradingServer.exe
  14. TSServer.exe
Note: The list of processes your MultiCharts is currently running can be extended depending on the data feed and broker you are currently using.
  1. AVAFXServer.exe
  2. AVAFXServerProxy.exe
  3. CQGServer.exe
  4. CQGServerProxy.exe
  5. Fixserver.exe
  6. FXCMServerProxy.exe
  7. GCServer.exe
  8. GCServerProxy.exe
  9. Host32.exe
  10. Host64.exe
  11. LMAXServerHost.exe
  12. ODAServer.exe
  13. ODAServerProxy.exe
  14. PatsServer.exe
  15. PatsWrapper.exe
  16. RTServer.exe
  17. RTServerProxy.exe
  18. TPServer.exe
  19. TPServerProxy.exe
  20. WeBankServer.exe
Note: All processes can be found by selecting the Task Manager Processes tab and looking in the description column. All of them have MultiCharts in the description, except for ATCenterServer.exe