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In MultiCharts it is possible to do paper trading using data feed connection only with the help of the prebuilt Paper Trader broker profile.

Setting up Paper Trader Broker Profile

To be able to use Paper Trader simulated broker you need to have at least one data feed configured in QuoteManager. Instructions on configuring data feeds in MultiCharts can be found here.

  1. To create the Paper Trader broker profile, in the Main menu select File, then select Broker Profiles and then click Manage Broker Profiles.
  2. To create a new broker profile click New, then select Paper Trader.
  3. Select necessary data source from the list.
  4. Select the Execution Settings tab -> set Communication Delay -> click OK. This setting emulates delay of order execution on the exchange.
  5. Select the Paper Trader broker profile -> click Connect -> then click Close.

Note:If the selected data feed doesn’t provide ask/bid data and tick volume, Trade Bar will not display ask and bid data and you won’t be able to trade using the Paper Trader broker profile.