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Returns an absolute numerical value, indicating trade entry order category.

The following numerical returns are possible:

1 = Stop order (buy next bar at close - 1 point stop),
2 = Limit order (buy next bar at close + 1 point limit),
3 = Market order (buy next bar market),
4 = Market at Close order (buy this bar at close),
5 = Market at Open order (buy next bar open),
8 = StopLimit order (buy 1 contracts next bar at close - 2 point stop close + 2 point limit).


PosTradeEntryCategory(PosAgo, TradeNumber)


PosAgo - a numerical expression, specifying the position:
0 - open position;
1 - one position back (the last position closed);
2 - two positions back, etc.
TradeNumber - a numerical expression, specifying the number of trade (zero-based).


  • This function can only be used in signals.
  • To retrieve the total number of trades in specified position use PosTradeCount.
  • Use PosTradeExitCategory to get the numerical value indicating the type of order used for the exit order.


PosTradeEntryCategory(0, 1);

Will return a value of 1 for the second trade of the open position, if the order type was Stop Order.