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Returns double-precision decimal DateTime for entry order. As an example see ComputerDateTime and the Date & Time Routines category.


PosTradeEntryDateTime(PosAgo, TradeNumber)


PosAgo - a numerical expression, specifying the position:
0 - open position;
1 - one position back (the last position closed);
2 - two positions back, etc.
TradeNumber - a numerical expression, specifying the number of trade (zero-based).


  • This function can only be used in signals.
  • To retrieve the total number of trades in specified position use PosTradeCount.
  • Use PosTradeExitDateTime to get the exit time, in DateTime format, for an exit order.


PosTradeEntryDateTime(1, 0)

Will return 40948.43 if the time of the first entry order for the most recently closed position is February 9th, 2012, at 10:21 am.