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Data Playback

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When the '''Local''' mode is selected, the bars are played independently on each chart or scanner window, where the Data Playback feature has been enabled. Each window will have its own starting point of the playback. When the playback is enabled on one window, other windows with Data Playback disabled will receive the real-time data from the data source.
When the '''Global''' mode is selected, all the data series on all opened windows of all the workspaces of one MultiCharts instance will be played. In this case the starting point of the playback will be the same for all charts and scanner windows.
<div style="background-color: #E3FBE5;">Note: In the '''Global''' mode, all the charts are played back within their own time zone.
If the time zones of the charts differ, the time of the playback starting points for those charts will still be the same. </div>
Select '''Global''' playback mode by one of the following methods:
* Click the '''Global mode''' button; or:
* In the main menu select '''Format''', then point to '''Data Playback''' and click '''Global mode''' in the list.
<div style="background-color: #E3FBE5;">Note: If '''Global''' mode is not selected, '''Local''' mode is used.</div>

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