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Data Playback

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When the playback reaches its end, real-time data is displayed on the chart</div>
==Skip ticks with identical price==
'''Skip ticks with identical price''' option in Data Playback allows MultiCharts to skip the successive ticks with identical prices during playback.
E.g., there are 100 ticks with identical prices going one by one. If '''Skip ticks with identical price''' is checked, these ticks will be played only once, not 100 times. If '''Skip ticks with identical price''' is disabled, all 100 ticks will be taken into account and played during playback.
Enabling/disabling the '''Skip ticks with identical price''' option:
* In the main menu select '''Format''', then point to '''Data Playback''' and click '''Skip Ticks With Identical Price''' in the list.
* Click on the '''Skip Ticks with Identical Price''' button [[File:SkipIdentical.PNG|20px]] from the Data Playback toolbar.
<div style="background-color: #E3FBE5;">Note: '''Skip ticks with identical price''' option is enabled by default. The state of this option can differ for separate charts.</div><br>

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