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Data Playback

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#* Select the resolution from the '''Playback Resolution''' list [[File:DP_playback resolution_box.PNG]] in Data Playback Toolbar; or:
#* In the main menu select '''Format''', then point to '''Data Playback''', '''Playback Resolution''' and select the resolution.
# Set playback speed using the '''Playback Speed''' slider [[File:DP_playback_speed_sldr.PNG]] on the '''Data Playback''' toolbar. <div style="background-color: #E3FBE5;"> '''Note''': You can also configure the Playback Speed from the context menu by right clicking on the chart and going to ‘Playback Speed’. </div>
# Start Data Playback by one of the following methods:
#* Click the '''Pause/Resume Playback''' button [[File:DP_pause_resume_bt.PNG]] on the '''Data Playback''' toolbar; or:

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