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Returns a numerical value indicating the time, including seconds, of the ending point of a trendline with the specified ID number.

TL_GetEndTime_s returns a value of -2 if the specified trendline ID number is invalid.

Of the two end points of a trendline, the point with the later date and time is always considered to be the ending point. If the trendline is vertical, the point with the higher price value is considered to be the ending point.

The time is indicated in the 24-hour HHmmss format, where 130000 = 1:00:00 PM.




TL_ID - a numerical expression specifying the trendline ID number.


  • A trendline-specific ID number is returned by TL_New_s when the trendline is created.
  • Use TL_GetEndTime to get the end time of a trendline with minute precision.
  • Use TL_GetBeginTime and TL_GetBeginTime_s to get the begin time of trendline with respectively minute or seconds precision.


Assign a value, indicating the time of the ending point of a trendline with the ID number of 3, to the Value1 variable:

Value1 = TL_GetEndTime_s(3);