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Returns a logical value indicating the setting for an attribute of a text object with the specified ID number.

Text_GetAttribute returns a value of True if the attribute is set to on, and a value of False if the attribute is set to off or if the specified object ID number is invalid.

The settings of the following attributes can be returned: border, bold, italic, strike-out, and underline.


Text_GetAttribute(ObjectID, Attribute)


ObjectID - a numerical expression specifying the object ID number.
Attribute - a numerical expression specifying the attribute:
0 - border
1 - bold
2 - italic
3 - strike-out
4 - underline


  • An object-specific ID number is returned by Text_New when the text object is created.
  • Use Text_SetAttribute to set the attribute for a text object.


Assign a true/false value, indicating the setting of "bold" attribute for the text object with an ID number of 3, to Bold variable:

Variable: Bold(False); 
Bold = Text_GetAttribute(3,1);