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Displays a text object, consisting of the specified string expression located at the specified bar and specified price value, on the SubChart containing the study; returns an object-specific ID number, required to modify the object.


Text_New (Bar_DateTime, PriceValue,"Text")


  • Bar_DateTime – Numerical expression specifying date and time of the bar (horizontal position). The integer portion of the DateTime value indicates the number of days that have elapsed since January 1st, 1900, and the fractional portion of the DateTime value indicates the fraction of the day that has passed since midnight. DateTime is a floating point value with high precision. It allows accessing millisecond time stamps of the bar.
  • PriceValue - a numerical expression specifying the price value (vertical position, corresponding to a value on the price scale of a chart), where the object is to be placed
  • Text - the string expression to be displayed


Place, on the chart that the study is based on, the text "UpT" at the top of a bar if the Open price has increased incrementally over the last three bars:

If Open>Open[1] And Open[1]>Open[2] Then