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Displays a text object, consisting of the specified string expression located at the specified bar and specified price value, on the chart that the study is based on. Text_New returns an object-specific ID number, required to (further) modify the object.


text_new_bn(barnumber, price, text);


  • Barnumber – a numerical expression specifying number of the bar at which the object is to be placed;
  • Price - a numerical expression specifying the price value (vertical position, corresponding to a value on the price scale of a chart), where the object is to be placed.
  • Text - the string expression to be displayed.


Place, on the chart that the study is based on, the text "UpT" at the top of a bar number 100 if the Open price has increased incrementally over the last three bars:

If Open > Open[1] And Open[1] > Open[2] Then
Value1=Text_New(100, High, "UpT");