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m (To say that property is returned by the interface technically incorrect in C#. The TradeManager property in this case if of ITradeManager type, not returned by it.)
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With the classic strategy it was possible to trade only one instrument within one trading profile. Trade Manager allows trading on several instruments, accounts or profiles; it also obtains the relevant data about the orders on the broker’s side, real open positions, and account(s) information directly from the script of the study. It provides access to all information available in the Order’s & Position’s Tracker as well as the ability to send the orders, both regular and OCO ones, to modify them and to cancel them.

Access to Trade Manager functionality is available via the TradeManager property of ITradeManager interface. This interface contains:

  1. void ProcessEvents();
  2. void ProcessEvents(TimeSpan max_time);

These methods initiate the processing of queued events.

  1. ITradingData TradingData { get; } this provides access to orders, positions, accounts and events on these elements changes.
  2. ITradingProfile[] TradingProfiles { get; } provides access to trading profiles available in MultiCharts .NET.