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A logical (Boolean) operator that returns True only if both of its operands are true. Logical operators are used in logical (Boolean) expressions that operate with true/false values.


E1 And E2


E- true/false expressions.


  • If one of the true/false expressions evaluates to false, the whole expression is evaluated as false due to the and logical operator. For example:
(10 > 1) and (10 > 20)
Will evaluate to False since the second expression is not true, even though the first expression (10 > 1) is true.
  • The whole expression is evaluated as true if, and only if, all true/false expressions are true. For example:
(10 > 1) and (100 < 2000) and (1 = 1)
Will evaluate to True since all individual expressions are indeed true.
  • Also see the logical expression Or for true/false evaluations.


2 = 1 And 2 = 2

Will return a value of False.

True And True And True

Will return a value of True.