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It's possible that during MultiCharts operation the Internet connection and/or connection to a real-time data provider from your PC is lost. In such situations the missing data can be backfilled by MultiCharts:

“Backfilled at once” means that after a physical connection recovery:

  • A reconnection event is determined (a corresponding message appears in QuoteManager Event Log);
  • Missing data is requested from the data vendor's historical data servers;
  • Missing bars appear on the chart;
  • Realtime bars appear after backfilled bars;
  • The studies are not recalculated, they are calculated the regular way on the backfilled bars;
  • If there are any orders generated on the backfilled data and the auto trading is enabled - they are not sent to the broker.

Backfilling Availability. Data vendors list (realtime only/historical only data vendors are not listed):

  • AvaTrade - Available
  • BarChart - Available
  • CQG - Available
  • MCFX - Available
  • eSignal - Available
  • IQFeed - Available
  • Interactive Brokers – Available
  • IWBank – Not Available *
  • LMAX – Not Available *
  • MB Trading - Available
  • OEC - Available
  • Quik - Available
  • Rithmic - Available
  • TradeStation - Not Available *
  • WeBank - Not Available *

*Not Available means that the data vendor provides historical data but does not provide the ability to determine the connection loss/reconnection event through its API. Such data vendors are being contacted for clarifications.