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PowerLanguage is an advanced programming environment for creating technical analysis indicators and trading strategies for the MultiCharts trading platform.

PowerLanguage offers the sophisticated features sought after by the experts while still maintaining an easy learning curve for the beginners.

By supporting TradeStation® EasyLanguage® functionality, PowerLanguage maintains the compatibility with a wide existing base of EL studies.

As an alternative to writing indicators or strategies from scratch, existing studies can easily be modified, or new studies assembled piece-by-piece from built-in scripts.

PowerLanguage studies can easily be created and modified by using the PowerLanguage Editor is included with the MultiCharts platform. The Editor displays usage hints as the PowerLanguage words are entered, and a detailed keyword reference is available directly in the PowerLanguage Editor window.

PowerLanguage capabilities can further be expanded by taking advantage of external DLL support, which offers virtually unlimited capabilities and permits the use of high-level programming languages, such as C++ or Visual Basic.

This reference explains PowerLanguage words, details the syntax, and gives one or more usage examples for each word.

Beginners might want to check out the Beginner's Guide to MultiCharts Programming.


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