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Since MultiCharts 11.0 you get access to the bar formation algorithms and can define custom set of rules for it.

Custom Resolutions Manager

Custom Resolutions Manager is the application that allows creating new bar resolutions for MultiCharts.

To launch Custom Resolutions Manager, go to QuoteManager, navigate to Tools and select Custom Resolutions Manager or click the corresponding icon on the toolbar of the QuoteManager window.

Understanding Custom Resolutions Manager

In the Custom Resolutions Manager window, all of the plugins of standard pre-built resolutions are listed. They cannot be edited, deactivated, removed or tested, unlike the newly created or imported custom resolution plugins. The source code of the prebuilt plugins comes with the platform as templates that can be used for reference.

For the non-standard resolution plugins the following actions are possible:

  • Add… — allows adding a new custom resolution plugin to the existing list as a .dll or as a .zip archive that contains a .dll file.
  • New… — allows creating a new custom resolution from scratch.
  • Details — allows displaying detailed information about each plugin in a structured way.
  • Activate/Deactivate — allows changing the status of a custom resolution plugin to make it available or not for plotting on the charts.
  • Open script — allows viewing the source code of a plugin.
  • Test — allows testing a plugin for bug occurrence and informing the user about any errors.
  • Remove — allows deleting a custom resolution plugin from the list.
Note: after activating/deactivating, adding or removing a custom resolution plugin that is required to restart MultiCharts and all of its processes in order to apply the changes. A corresponding alert can be seen after performing any of these actions.

Creating a Custom Resolution Plugin

To start creating a new custom resolution plugin, click the New button. In the appeared Create new Custom Resolution Plugin window fill in the available fields and select the template in the Select Template dropdown list that you want to use as a base for the new resolution plugin. Then click Create. The Custom Resolution Editor window will be opened.

Understanding Custom Resolution Editor

Custom Resolution Editor consists of the Editor section with the source code, Errors section where the errors that appeared during the compilation process can be seen and the Document Outline section that contains a schematic of the code and allows fast switching to the required line by double-clicking on the string.

The C# programming language or any other programming language that supports COM objects can be used for creating custom resolutions. The style parameters of the Editor can be changed in Tool -> Editor Options.

It is possible to export the code to VS2010 or VS2010 Express (if installed) for further editing in case it is more preferable. To export the code, go to File -> Export to VS2010/VS2010 Express or use the corresponding icons on the toolbar.

After the code for a new custom resolution plugin was created, it should be compiled. To do that, go to Compile -> Compile/Compile and test or click on the corresponding icons on the toolbar.