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When one deletes an instrument/instruments from QuoteManager or deletes data from an instrument, the size of the database files may stay the same. To clear obsolete data, follow these instructions:

  1. Close all MultiCharts products and make sure all processes are finished. See MultiCharts Processes;
  2. Back up your databases folder. See How to Backup User Data#Saving User Data;
  3. Download the archive corresponding to your version of MultiCharts:
    1. MultiCharts 9.0 and lower
    2. MultiCharts 9.1 and higher
  4. Unzip the archive;
  5. Open the extracted folder;
  6. DO NOT RUN the .exe file
  7. Run the .BAT file corresponding to your version of MultiCharts ("gbak_x32.bat" for 32-bit MultiCharts, "gbak_x64.bat" for 64-bit version);
  8. Open the MultiCharts installation folder (right click on the MC shortcut –> Properties –> "Shortcut" tab –> select "Open file location") and run DataUpdater.exe;
  9. Depending on the size of the databases a window will flash, or stay on the screen for some time, and then close automatically once the procedure is finished;
  10. MultiCharts is ready to work now.
Important information:

The gBak is a test utility created to achieve certain goals, e.g. to transform the files from any version prior to MultiCharts 8.0 Beta 1 to be used in any higher versions than MultiCharts 8.0 (example: from MC 7.4; MC 7.2; MC 7.0; MC 6.2 and earlier to MC 8.0). After the .bat file is used, the database files can be used both in MC 32-bit and in MC 64-bit.

Database files from any 32-bit version (since MultiCharts 8.0 Beta 1) can be used in any 64-bit version (since MultiCharts 8.0 Beta 1) and vice versa without any transformation (applicable only to MultiCharts of the same revision ex. 9.1 x32 & 9.1 x64).

In some cases utility can also help to reduce the size of the database, but as it is not its main purpose, the results cannot be guaranteed.