How to Clear the Interactive Brokers Cache

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Incorrect IB symbol settings or symbol mapping settings might get saved in the IB symbol cache.
In that case, re-configuring symbol mapping as suggested in the “Expired cache for symbol X. Remove and re-add the symbol mapping for this symbol” message might not help.

Here’s how to clear the IB cache to resolve it:

  1. Close all the charts with the problematic symbols
  2. Re-add the problematic symbols in QuoteManager -> Instrument -> Add Symbol -> From Data Source
  3. Go to File -> Broker Profiles -> Symbol Mapping -> select to Show mapped symbols for Interactive Brokers -> select the symbol mapping lines with problematic symbols and click ‘Remove’
  4. Go to the main MultiCharts window -> Help -> Support -> Open Logs Folder
  5. Close all the MultiCharts apps and make sure there are no MC processes left in Task Manager -> Details tab -> Description column
  6. Delete DAT files starting with IB in the Logs folder (see step 4)
  7. Open MultiCharts and set up symbol mapping for the required symbols