How to Configure Sessions

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There are several ways to configure sessions.
In Format Instrument -> Settings -> Sessions you can select either Default or one of the Session Templates.


If you select Default, the settings are taken from QuoteManager -> right click your symbol -> Edit Symbol -> Sessions.

  1. If you select Use Exchange and ECN’s Sessions, sessions will be taken from the exchange settings (you can check them in QuoteManager -> Tools -> Exchanges and ECN’s).
  2. If you select Use Custom Sessions, you will need to configure the session yourself. This session will be applied to this specific symbol only.
  3. If you select Use Custom Session Template, you will need to choose one of the session templates from the drop-down box.
  4. For futures only: If you select Use Symbol Dictionary sessions, the settings will be taken from the Symbol Dictionary for Futures, which are applied to all instruments with the same symbol root.

Session Templates

If you select one of session templates in Format Instrument -> Settings -> Sessions, you can view their parameters in QuoteManager -> Tools -> Session Templates. Also, you can create your own Custom Session Template and select it directly on chart in Format Instrument -> Settings -> Sessions without changing the settings in QuoteManager. To learn how please see this page.