How to Create a Custom Futures

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In MultiCharts you can create continuous symbols using individual contracts added in QuoteManager. Building a continuous futures data series in MultiCharts is called Custom Futures.

To create a Custom Futures, please follow this instruction:

  1. Add individual futures contracts to the database in QuoteManager (Instrument -> Add symbol -> From Data Source). More info about adding a symbol from the data source is here.
  2. Add expired contracts to the database in QuoteManager. If expired contracts are not available through the lookup window, such contracts should be added manually (Instrument -> Add symbol -> Manually). More info about adding a symbol manually is here.
    Note: Not all data sources provide the historical data for the expired futures contracts. See Which Data Sources Support Expired and Continuous Futures Contracts page to find the list of the data sources supplying the historical data for the expired futures contacts.
  3. Create a new Custom Futures symbol (Instrument->Add Custom Futures). Enter all the necessary parameters and make sure you checked the necessary contracts to use.
  4. Plot a chart with Custom Futures symbol (in the main MultiCharts Window go to File->New->Chart Window->choose the necessary Data Source->Custom Futures tab->choose the symbol). More info about creating charts is here.

For more detailed info and advanced settings description please check the Custom Futures page.