How to Feed Excel File With RT Data From MultiCharts (Use RTD Server)?

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To feed an Excel file with real time data from MultiCharts, use the RTD Server:

  1. Download the RTD Server installer here.
  2. Close MultiCharts and all its applications. Make sure there are no MultiCharts Processes left in Task Manager -> Details tab -> Description column.
  3. Run RTD Server.exe and follow the installation wizard.
  4. Run MultiCharts and create a chart with streaming real time data.
  5. Right-click the chart -> Insert Study -> in the Indicator tab select the Symbol Data indicator. Click OK to apply it to the chart.
  6. Open up an Excel file -> Add-Ins toolbar -> select MultiCharts:InsertSymbolData in the Custom Toolbars section.
  7. Choose required data from a pop-up window and click OK.

Now real-time data should be streaming into the Excel file.

Note: The combination of MultiCharts, RTD, Windows and MS Office bit you are using is very important.

Please make sure that one of the following combinations is used:

1. MS Office 32 + RTD32 + MultiCharts/.NET 32-bit using any 32-bit Operation System.

2. Windows 8.1

MS Office 2013 (x64) + RTD64 + MultiCharts/.NET 64-bit.

3. Windows 2012 Server Standard

MS Office 2013 (x64) + RTD64 + MultiCharts/.NET 64-bit.

4. Windows 10

MS Office 32 + RTD32 + MultiCharts/.NET 32-bit
MS Office 64 + RTD64 + MultiCharts/.NET 64-bit.

RTD is provided only for MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET, will not work in MultiCharts .NET Special Edition/MultiCharts .NET64 Special Edition.

The following chart types are not supported:

  1. Volume Delta;
  2. Cumulative Delta;

To stream indicator values into a chart in Excel it is necessary to add the SendPlotsValues command to your indicator code. Then apply this indicator to a chart in MultiCharts and select MultiCharts:InsertIndicatorData in Excel under Add-Ins tab.