How to Improve Performance

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The performance is affected by multiple factors: the number of charts, the complexity of the strategy, the amount of data, capabilities of your machines and others. Here are general recommendations on how to improve the performance:

  1. Disable your anti-virus and all excessive applications running in the background.
  2. Make sure none of the applications are doing any updates/scans while you are trading.
  3. Make sure Windows is not downloading and installing any updates while you are trading.
  4. Create several desktops and split the number of charts you have between MC desktops.
Note: The fourth recommendation mostly improves graphical rendering. For example, if you have split a workspace with 100 charts to say 10 desktops with 10 charts, the computer will have to process 10 threads with a queue of objects from 10 charts, instead of 1 thread with a queue from 100 charts. If you have multiple objects to draw in one desktop it may be reasonable to split them between multiple desktops.

For more info about the way your PC configuration can be improved please refer to this page.

Please test out the desired setup during backtesting and on a pre-built Paper Trader or a demo account before going live to avoid possible performance issues.