How to Install an Updater

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In some particular situations, the MultiCharts support team can send a link to download an updater file. Such an archive file may contain a hot fix for an existing issue, extended logging modules, etc. Here are the instructions on how to unpack and install the file:

  1. Close MultiCharts and all its applications (QuoteManager, PowerLanguage Editor, Portfolio Trader and 3D Optimization Charts).
  2. Run Windows Task Manager (right-click on the windows clock -> run Task Manager) and make sure that all MultiCharts Processes are finished. If a MultiCharts process is still there after 20 seconds, end it manually.
  3. Right click the archive, go to Properties and check the Unblock box in the bottom of the window (if this option is displayed).
  4. Unzip the archive.
  5. Run the Updater.exe and click on the Update button.
  6. Scroll up in the updater log to make sure there are no errors. If there is an error, contact the MultiCharts support team.
  7. Close the updater. An issue should be fixed or additional functional be enabled; MultiCharts can be launched.