How to Send Reports

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If you experience any technical issues when using MultiCharts, please send us a report via the main MultiCharts window -> Help -> Feedback. The support team will respond to the report as soon as possible during the working hours.

If the platform is not responding you can send a report via the Windows Start menu -> MultiCharts folder -> Feedback.

What do I put in the description field?

In the description field describe the issue in as much detail as possible.
Specify the date and time when the issue happened.
If it’s related to orders, specify the Broker Order IDs of the orders in question.

Which boxes do I check?

Attach a screenshot
Check this box to demonstrate the issue. If you have a multi-screen setup, screenshots of all the screens will be attached. Make sure the issue is highlighted.

Attach log files to help us understand what happened
Log files contain information about the internal MultiCharts process. We recommend always checking this box when sending reports.

Attach minidump for crash analysis
If the platform crashed, or it’s not responding, check this box when sending a report. Minidumps contain information about the crashed process.
It is important to collect dumps at the moment when the issue is reproduced, before MultiCharts is restarted.

Include backup of logs from previous sessions
Check this box if you restarted MultiCharts after the issue happened.

Include rarely used files
Check this box to include the Quik data source log files

Open workspaces, desktops and active instrument settings
Check this box if the issue is reproduced in a specific setup or if it’s script-related.

Data for all instruments
Check this box to attach data for all the symbols in your database. We recommend sending data only for the active instruments relevant for reporting.

Data for active instruments in the open workspaces
Check this box to attach the data plotted in the open workspaces. Instrument data is required when reporting incorrect data plotting or script calculation issues.

Include tick data
Check this box to attach tick data if it’s important to reproduce the issue you’re reporting.

Active indicators in the open workspaces
Check this box to attach scripts of the indicators used. Always check this box when reporting an indicator script calculation issue.

Active signals in the open workspaces
Check this box to attach scripts of the indicators used. Always check this box when reporting a signal script calculation issue.

Note: We do not use your scripts for any purposes other than investigating the reported issue. Scripts are not stored on our end after the issue is resolved.

Custom resolution plugins
Check this box if the issue you’re reporting is reproduced on a custom resolution chart.

Upload collected data to Help Desk
Check this box to send an email with the report and selected data to the support email. Uncheck this box to save the report on your machine without sending it to the support email.