How to Set Up Symbol Mapping

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Why do I need symbol mapping?

  1. Your data source is not the same as your broker. For example, you plot IQFeed data and trade with Interactive Brokers broker profile. Data source symbols should be mapped to broker symbols.
    Note: Data source connection should be configured for your broker as well to add required symbols, even if you don't use it for data. Find connection guides here.
  2. You trade continuous futures. Continuous contracts should be mapped to front-month contracts. For example, @ES should be mapped to ESZ2.
  3. You trade custom futures. Custom futures should be mapped to corresponding front-month contracts.

How do I set up symbol mapping?

  1. In the main MultiCharts window go to File -> Broker Profiles -> Symbol Mapping
  2. Select your broker in the Showed mapped symbols for drop-down menu
  3. Click Add to create a new line
  4. In the new empty line, click the three dots in the Chart Symbol column and select the symbol to be plotted on your chart.
    Then click the three dots in the Broker Symbol column and select the symbol to route orders to.
    Note: If the required symbol is not on the list, click Add Symbol to add it from data source.
  5. Click Apply -> OK

For more info, please check the Symbol Mapping page.