How to Trade Futures, Stocks, Forex, Crypto

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There are three steps:

  1. Get a real-time subscription with a supported data source and broker
    Note: Different vendors work with different instrument categories, check the Supported security types page for more info.
  2. Connect it in MultiCharts using the Setup Wizard or our guides
  3. Plot a chart for the symbol to trade and select the broker account to send orders to. Futures symbols have some peculiarities when it comes to charting, see the section below.

Trading Futures

Only front-month contracts are tradeable.
Check the How to Add Symbols page for reference.

To trade continuous futures, you should map them to front-month contracts.
See the How to Set Up Symbol Mapping guide.

What if I don’t have a subscription?

MultiCharts comes with pre-built data sources that you don’t need an account for - Free Quotes, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex.

To test trading, you can use a pre-built Paper Trader.

Use the Setup Wizard to quickly set it up.

What if my data source doesn’t provide brokerage services?

In that case (or if you simply want to use different data and brokerage providers), you can use Symbol Mapping to map your data source instruments to any of the supported brokers you have a subscription with.