Incompatible Version of Tsstorage.dll in Module Shaper Error

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This error message pops up when one part of MultiCharts is launched "as administrator" and another part is launched the regular way.

Example: TradeStation is always launched "as administrator" by default. MultiCharts is not. It means that to work with TradeStation's data feed, MultiCharts should be run by right-clicking and then selecting "run as administrator". However, if after that you run QuoteManager by double-clicking, you will get this error message.

Once a part of MultiCharts is launched with administrative rights (right-click on the icon -> run as administrator), all other MultiCharts parts should be launched the same way.

Note: If MultiCharts is launched "as administrator", QuoteManager or PowerLanguage Editor can be launched with administrative rights too by going to File in MultiCharts main menu, then New -> ...