Interactive Brokers Pacing Violation

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Interactive Brokers has some data request limitations.

  1. A single data request cannot return more than 2000 seconds of historical data at once;
  2. IB API processes only 60 requests per 10 minutes.

If a large amount of data is requested in MultiCharts, a "Pacing Violation" message will be shown in the Event Log of the QuoteManager window.

It means that the amount of requests for data exceeds the limitation set by Interactive Brokers. To avoid this situation, please request less data. It's recommended to not request more than 1 day of tick data at once from Interactive Brokers in order to avoid this problem in the future.

When this error occurs, it is not recommended to request more data in MultiCharts or change the data range for existing charts for at least 10 minutes.

In order to reset the pacing violation, IB Trader's Workstation can be restarted or one can press Ctrl+Alt+F in the IB TWS window to force TWS to reconnect to its data servers.