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Click here to see the video tutorial on how to connect OANDA Broker Profile.

If you need data from OANDA data source, make sure you have OANDA data feed set up.

It is not possible to log into two different accounts (different login/password) of the same type at a time. You can log into a Live account and a Demo account at the same time, but not two Live or two Demo connections simultaneously.

Open position Profit/Loss is calculated in MultiCharts as it is not provided by OANDA API.

For FOREX trade size should be equal to the amount of units, not trade lots.

Stop-Limit orders are not supported by the OANDA.

OANDA does not support Native One-Cancels-Others group. In this case MultiCharts emulates OCO group on its end. Simulated OCO-group means that all OCO orders are sent to the broker, price is monitored by MultiCharts and once one of the orders is filled, other orders from this OCO group are cancelled by MultiCharts. When one of the OCO orders is filled, MultiCharts sends a command to cancel the second OCO order to broker. Note that the second order may also be filled if price reaches its level before the cancellation is processed by the broker (see OCO-Orders Risk).

Note: OANDA Access Token expires in 8 days. One will need to re-authorize his OANDA connection to obtain a new token.
OANDA systems may be unavailable during the weekend due to maintenance on the broker end. Once the system is up one needs to re-authorize in the pop-up window in order to re-establish connection to OANDA.

Setting up OANDA Broker Profile

In the Properties OANDA window (see Managing Broker Profiles) enter the information provided by OANDA:

  • Select the fxTrade Practice button for demo account or fxTrade button for live account.

When you connect the OANDA broker profile a new window will open where you should enter your OANDA Username and Password and select the required account.