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Understanding Skip Identical Ticks option

Skip Identical Ticks option allows MultiCharts to skip calculations on ticks with identical price in real-time. It significantly lowers CPU usage and increases processing speed in real-time calculation.
Many ticks per second may have the same price. If an indicator uses only price data it only makes sense to recalculate it when the price changes. However, if an indicator uses volume and tick count data, it should be recalculated on every tick and ticks with the same price become vital. The majority of the indicators use only price data therefore Skip Identical Ticks option is enabled by default.

Note: Skip Identical Ticks option is available for indicators only.

Enabling/disabling the Skip Identical Ticks option

To enable/disable the Skip Identical Ticks option:

  1. Insert an Indicator.
    To learn more see Inserting Studiessection
  2. Open the Format Indicator window.

    To open the Format Indicator window, position the mouse pointer over the indicator; double-click once the Pointer Pointer.png changes into a Hand Hand.png.

    The Format Indicator window can also be opened by one of the following methods:
      - Position the mouse pointer over an indicator; once the Pointer Pointer.png changes into a Hand Hand.png, right-click and then click Format Indicator Name
      - Open the Format Objects window; in the Indicators tab, select an indicator and click the Format button. See Opening Format Objects Window.

    Note: The Format Indicator window for the indicator being inserted will open automatically if the Format check box in the Insert Study window is checked.

  3. Сlick the Format button.
  4. Select the Properties tab.
  5. In the Advanced section, check/uncheck the Skip Identical Ticks checkbox.
Note: Skip Identical Ticks option is enabled by default.