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MultiCharts Logs

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==How Log Files Are Generated==
By default when MultiCharts is installed, the standard level of logging is enabled. It is enough to investigate most issues and it doesn't slow down the operation system very much. From the moment Multichart's installer is run, software logs are written down in a particular location. Logs are generated when MultiCharts is launched, the software runs, and logs stay saved even after all MultiCharts products are closed down. The files will stay available no matter how much time has passed, but once MultiCharts is launched again the some of the log files from the previous session might be erased and new files will be written in the same location.
<div style="background-color: #E3FBE5;">'''Note''': MultiCharts logs and Order and Position Tracker logs are completely different files are and located in different folders. Order and Position Tracker data is stored in binary files and it is not erased on every restart of MultiCharts. Each tab in the Order and Position Tracker window is limited to show 10 000 lines. </div>
==How to Send Log Files Using Feedback Application==

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