TL SetEnd bn

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Modifies the ending point location of a trendline with the specified ID number; returns a value of 0 if the ending point location was successfully modified, and a value of -2 if the specified trendline ID number is invalid. Of the two end points of a trendline, the point with the later date and time is always considered to be the ending point; if the trendline is vertical, the point with the higher price value is considered to be the ending point.


TL_SetEnd_bn(tl_id, barNumber, value);


  • TL_ID - a numerical expression specifying the trendline ID number.
  • barNumber – a numerical expression specifying number of the ending bar
  • value - a numerical expression specifying the new starting point price value (vertical position, corresponding to a value on the price scale of a chart).


Move the ending point of the trendline with an ID number of 2 bar number 200 with a price value of 1400:

Value1 = TL_SetBegin_bn(2, 200, 1400);