Understanding Real-Time Market Scanner

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The Real-Time Market Scanner (also known as "Screener" or "Quote Window") is a data grid (quote sheet) which can display quotes, market data, and indicator data in spreadsheet format.

The Scanner is indispensable for monitoring, screening, searching, and organizing many symbols according to user defined criteria. The Scanner can accept symbols from different data feeds.

The Scanner can also plot charts automatically without having to manually add the chart via a new chart window. Symbols can also be sorted by user-defined criteria.

The Scanner is used to:

  • Monitor real-time market data in different resolutions (ticks, minutes, days, etc)
  • Find trading opportunities based on customizable criteria and sorting
  • Plot studies that are either newly built or imported from other sources

Scanner features:

  • 5,000 symbols per Scanner window (In MultiCharts 32 bit) / No limitation for the amount of symbols per Scanner window (In MultiCharts 64 bit)
  • 200+ built-in studies
  • Multiple-core and multiple CPU support
  • Symbol sorting either on a per-second basis or based on a timer
  • Ability to mix different data feeds within the same Scanner window
  • Ability to use different resolutions for each symbol
  • Ability to use all resolutions available in MultiCharts
  • Ability to handle both real-time and end-of-day data
  • Access to locally stored data
  • Ability to handle different custom sessions for different symbols
  • Ability to link symbols within a Scanner to a chart
  • Ability to create a chart directly from the Scanner with a mouse click
  • Ability to choose the number of bars/days back for study calculations
  • Visual, audio, and e-mail alerts
  • Direct access to PowerLanguage Editor to view and modify study scripts
  • Script-driven text generation in the Scanner cells
  • Customizable text and background colors
  • Dedicated market trend histogram

Working with Scanner Windows

A Scanner window with all the settings is always created and then being saved in a Workspace.

Note: When the window position is detached it can be visually located outside of the Workspace.

The number of windows that can be added to workspaces is limited only by computer's hardware configuration.

To create a new Scanner window:

  1. Click on the New Scanner Window MS Main.png icon on the Main Toolbar, or
  2. Select File in the main menu, then point to New and click on New Scanner Window, or
  3. Use CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT hot key combination, or
  4. Right-click on the empty area of the workspace and select Scanner Window.

You can copy a symbol or symbols from the Real-Time Market Scanner or from some other source and then paste it into the Real-Time Market Scanner.

To copy and paste symbols within the Real-Time Market Scanner:

  1. Highlight a symbol or symbols that you need with the help of CTRL or/and SHIFT buttons on your keyboard
  2. Right click on the highlighted space and select Copy from the dropbox below, or
  3. Press CTRL+C to copy selected symbols
  4. Right click on the cell where you want to paste it and select Paste from the dropbox below, or
  5. Press CTRL+V to paste selected symbols.

To create a Group of symbols in the Real-Time Market Scanner:

  1. Right click on the cell in the Real-Time Market Scanner where you want to create it
  2. Select Insert Group from the dropbox below, or
  3. Go to the main menu of MultiCharts Insert
  4. Select Group, or
  5. Press F8 on your keyboard.

To rename Group:

  1. Right click on the Group line
  2. Select Rename
  3. Enter the name of the group
  4. Click Enter.

To hide/extend the symbols in Group:

  1. Right click on the Group line
  2. Select Toggle, or
  3. Click on “+” / “-“.

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