Which Data Sources Can Be Used to Plot Depth of Market (DOM) Window

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There are 2 requirements for creating Depth of Market window in MultiCharts:

  1. Depth of Market data should be supported by a data vendor and you should be subscribed to it.
    Note: In some cases, (Interactive Brokers), if there is no subscription to Depth of Market data, the best Bid and best Ask may be used to plot only 1 level in the DOM window in MultiCharts.
  2. The data vendor must also be a supported broker in MultiCharts.
    Example: Even though IQfeed provides Depth of Market data,it is impossible for a customer to have the DOM window with an IQFeed data in MultiCharts, because IQFeed is not a broker.

DOM can be created in MultiCharts using the following data vendors/brokers:

  • Avanza (broker only, requires TradeNode data feed connected, TradeNode symbol should be used)
  • CQG
  • Interactive Brokers
  • LMAX
  • MB Trading
  • Open E Cry
  • Patsystems
  • Rithmic / Rithmic Server Sim / Rithmic Local Sim
  • TradeNode
  • Trading Technologies

Note: FXCM can't feed the DOM window in MC, because there is no such data feed in MultiCharts as "FXCM" (see MCFX for more details).
Dukascopy can't be used to plot the DOM window in MultiCharts.