Which Data Sources Can Be Used to Plot Depth of Market (DOM) Window

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There are 2 requirements for creating Depth of Market window in MultiCharts:

  1. Depth of Market data should be supported by a data vendor and you should be subscribed to it.
    Note: In some cases, (Interactive Brokers), if there is no subscription to Depth of Market data, the best Bid and best Ask may be used to plot only 1 level in the DOM window in MultiCharts.
  2. The data vendor must also be a supported broker in MultiCharts.
    Example: Even though IQfeed provides Depth of Market data,it is impossible for a customer to have the DOM window with an IQFeed data in MultiCharts, because IQFeed is not a broker.

DOM can be created in MultiCharts using the following data vendors/brokers:

  • CQG
  • Interactive Brokers
  • LMAX
  • GAIN Capital (ex. Open E Cry)
  • Patsystems
  • Rithmic / Rithmic Server Sim / Rithmic Local Sim
  • TradeNode
  • Trading Technologies
  • WeBank
  • Binance
  • Kraken Futures

Note: Dukascopy and Saxo Group can't be used to plot the DOM window in MultiCharts.