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It is critical to have the right trading platform to trade on Stocks, Futures, Forex and other financial markets. MultiCharts was recognized as the best trading software for several years in a row. We offer two flagship products MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET.

MultiCharts combines powerful trading features with simplicity of EasyLanguage. Professional programmers, however, often prefer the more powerful .NET languages to create indicators and strategies. Both products are available in 64-bit version to let you load as many data as you need for the even most demanding backtesting and trading.

Which version to choose? The points below will help you!


  • EasyLanguage compatibility allows to import studies from TradeStation.
  • User-friendly programming language can be easily learned by a non-professional programmer.
  • A great amount of third-party add-ons available.
  • Thousands of free studies available on the web.
  • Easily protected as a read-only file (binary code).
  • One study can easily get access to the values of the other study.
  • Password protection of your script.

MultiCharts .NET

  • Engineered specifically for programmers who use VB.NET and C#. The .NET Framework is much more flexible than PowerLanguage.
  • Ability to debug your scripts using Visual Studio Debug Tool.
  • Access all data from Scripts for instruments that are not even charted.
  • Access to the list of symbols in the database from studies.
  • Ability to use the third-party databases (SQL Server, Mongo DB).
  • Ability to plot custom charts, drawings, texts, images, highlight any pixel on a chart.
  • Ability to trade simultaneously with more than one broker and on more than one instrument using just one strategy on a chart (sending unmanaged orders).
  • Access to the status of orders, positions, accounts, logs from the script.
  • Ability to create custom Toolbars.