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The Fail-Watch alerts and trading system warnings were introduced in the frames of our new Fail-Watch system. The platform generates an alert if the limits of the OS, hardware, bandwidth, software and/or broker processing speed is reached.

Trading System Alerts

Order status is processed longer than xxxx ms — TR01

The status of the order is being processed in the Trading Server longer than xxxx ms.
Message: The order status is delayed. Place/modify fewer orders and check your Internet connection.


Order or OCO group placement is taking more than xxxx ms — TR02

Message: OCO group placement is delayed. Place/modify fewer orders and check your Internet connection.


Order modification or cancellation is taking more than xxxx ms — TR03

Message: Order cancellation/modification is delayed. Cancel/modify fewer orders and check your Internet connection.

Fail-Watch Alerts

In MultiCharts 14 we introduced the monitoring of the auto trading orders' speed from the moment of generation up to reaching the trading plugin. The monitoring is implemented by using test messages.
The way that test messages perform is identical to the way that real orders follow in MultiCharts (from module to module). The only difference is that it is not sent to the broker plugin and to the broker itself. The test message is intended to determine the load on the info channels within the application and the performance of the system in general. If the test messages are delayed or failing it means that the load on the internal info channels is too high so it leads to the queue of orders and statuses where they are waiting to be sent and processed.

Long delay of the order display in the Order and Position Tracker (the delay exceeds xxxx ms) — FS01

Message: High CPU load. The data on charts and in Order and Position Tracker is received with delays. Please decrease the number of trading charts.


Order display failure in the Order and Position Tracker (the delay exceeds xxxx ms) — FS02

Message: High CPU load. No data is received on charts or in Order and Position Tracker. Please stop auto trading and restart MultiCharts.

Possible reasons and recommendations:

  1. There are too many data updates in the Order and Position Tracker. This includes orders, positions, alerts, logs, etc. It is required to decrease the number of Order and Position Tracker windows, auto trading charts, open positions, orders, connected broker profiles and/or the number of alerts generated by the studies.
  2. Overall CPU load can also affect the speed of the info exchange through this channel. It is recommended to decrease the general load on the CPU or add more resources to your machine.


High load on order sending channel: the order hasn't been sent for xxxx ms — FS03

Message: High CPU load. Orders are sent and order statuses are received with delays.

This alert appears when the first test message fails to complete its way in MultiCharts. If you receive this alert right after enabling auto trading, it means that the data channels are heavily loaded and the time required for an order to pass through MultiCharts exceeds the timeout. In this case, it is required to find out which component of MultiCharts impacts the overall load on the system and decrease the load. Often this alert appears on machines that do not meet the recommended tech specs or when one of the MultiCharts processes that are engaged in the order/status info exchange is frozen or finished.

Order sending failure: the order hasn't been sent for xxxx ms — FS04

Message: High CPU load. Order placement commands are no longer processed on time. Please stop auto trading and restart MultiCharts.

This alert appears when the first test message has completed its way in MultiCharts with a delay. This warning means that orders/statuses start forming queues and this results in the delay in the order sending/status processing. It warns the user to be careful and to avoid creating more charts and other windows. That would increase the load on the computer and the trading system. It is recommended to restart MultiCharts.

Long delay in the calculation of studies (the delay exceeds xxxx ms) — FS05

Message: The active strategy is being calculated with delays.

This message is displayed if a strategy calculation time lags behind the arrival time of a tick which initiated the calculation.

Study calculation overload: the load has exceeded the computer’s capability (the delay exceeds xxxx ms) — FS06

Message: There was a delay in strategy calculation. Auto trading was stopped.
Recommendation: Reduce the load on the CPU.

Main process is not responding during xxxx ms — FS07

Message: High CPU load. The main MultiCharts window is not responding.

Possible reasons:

  1. The machine on which MultiCharts is launched is lacking technical resources and the CPU is not capable of processing all MultiCharts commands in time. Therefore, there are delays with the command executions which are recorded by the system.
  2. Overall system load is approaching its limits because the CPU cannot timely address the requests from all programs which leads to the system delays.
  3. MultiCharts and its processes consume almost all system resources which leads to delayed execution of internal MultiCharts commands.
  4. Antivirus is scanning the system which lowers the overall computer's productivity.
  5. Any combination of the above-mentioned reasons is found.


  1. Decrease the number of MultiCharts and Portfolio Trader instances opened at a time; close excessive charts, scanners, and other MultiCharts windows; decrease the data range on your charts, in the Scanner and Portfolio Trader; decrease the number of auto trading charts; make sure you have only 1 Order and Position Tracker opened.
  2. Exit all other applications/programs while MultiCharts is running to lower the load on the CPU and disc.
  3. Wait for the antivirus to finish its scanning or disable it completely.
  4. Add more resources to your machine.


Study storage operation failure — FS08

Message: Study storage operation failure. Please reboot your machine.

Changing the timeout or disabling the alerts

If you are satisfied with the current performance, do not observe any issues in the operation and consider this alert excessive, you can change the timeout or completely disable the alert in MultiCharts -> File -> Preferences -> Trading tab -> Fail-Watch and trading system warnings.