Multiplier for Trading Technologies Symbols

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Understanding Multiplier for Trading Technologies Symbols

MultiCharts works with many data vendors and brokers, so it is important that the software is capable to work with different data. In some cases price formats of data of the same symbol provided by 2 separate sources may differ and this can cause some issues:

Example: Trading Technologies doesn't provide historical data into MultiCharts due to the nature of its implementation in the software. In this case if a customer requires historical backfill, he or she may be interested in using Merge function (see Merging Data Sources into a Single Chart ) to have historical date from IQFeed and real-time data from Trading Technologies on ES chart. It may lead to significant price spike on the chart, since the price format of most data sources for ES symbol has 4 digits before the decimal part: 1234.50; when the same symbol from Trading Technologies shows different containg only integer part format: 123450.
Example 2: Strategy is applied to your chart that is fed not with Trading Technologies data and the price for orders is taken according to chart price format: 1234.50; that is not acceptable for Trading Trechnologies broker that has 123450 price on ES.

To make possible combining Trading Technologies data feed with another one or trade using Trading Technologies as broker if you have any other data feed, the Multiplier feature has been added.

How to set up Multiplier

  1. Open Symbol Root settings for the symbol. (see Editing a Symbol Root in Symbol Dictionary)
  2. Add the multiplier rate to the description of the root manually (with asterisk in front, no spaces): *XXX
    Note: No other symbol setting should be changed.
    Example: To get 4 integer and 2 decimal digits price format for ES symbol from Trading Technologies, add *0.01.
  3. Save the changes by clicking Ok.
  4. Close MultiCharts and make sure all its processes are ended (see MultiCharts Processes).
  5. After restart of MultiCharts new data coming from Trading Technologies should have the required price format.
    Note: After the Multiplier feature has been used it is important to manually remap the symbol in Symbol Mapping window (see Symbol Mapping), otherwise the Multiplier won't affect trading and orders will be sent with incorrect prices.
    Note 2: Multiplier feature affects only the data that is collected in real-time. All previously collected data will still have the same price format even if the Multiplier feature is used. If a customer is interested in converting old data price format, he or she should export the data into ASCII file from the symbol in QuoteManager (see Exporting Data) to import it back from the file into QuoteManager, using multiplier on import (see How to import ASCII data).