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MultiCharts Logs

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# Select all folders and files (except Cache folder) → '''right-click''' on any of them → '''Send to''' → '''Compressed zip folder'''.
# The zipped archive should be forwarded to MultiCharts tech. support.
==How to Send Log Files Using LogsCollector==
In MultiCharts 9.0 and higher versions
#Select '''Help''' in the main menu
#Select '''Support'''
#Click '''LogsCollector'''
#Describe what you were doing when the error occurred
#Click '''OK'''
#Click '''Save'''
#Type your name and your email address and click '''OK''' to upload the files to MultiCharts FTP Server.
<div style="background-color: #E3FBE5;">'''Note''': Please send a description of the problem corresponding to the uploaded log files to or to the customer care representative you are working on the subject.</div>

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