When a strategy/signal script is recalculated

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Customers notice a change in strategy performance results after some events in MultiCharts, for example when comparing backtesting and live trading results or comparing 2 charts' strategy calculation results. The following events should be taken into consideration.

A strategy is recalculated (backtested) when:

  • MultiCharts is closed and restarted,
  • Auto trading is turned on,
  • Any setting from Strategy Properties window is changed and OK is clicked,
  • Any setting of any signal in Format Signal: ... is changed and OK is clicked,
  • Any setting of the chart is changed and OK is clicked,
  • Chart is reloaded,
  • Chart is copy-pasted (the strategy is recalculated on the copy of the original chart),
  • Any signal applied to this chart is re-compiled in the PowerLanguage Editor.