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General Information

Note: CQG Web API (WAPI) is used in MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET since version 9.1.
MultiCharts .NET Special Edition uses CQG Web API (WAPI) MultiCharts .NET 10.0 since builds 13921/13922.

CQG connection does not require installing any CQG applications for operation, all required libraries are already integrated into MultiCharts.

  • It is possible to use different accounts for getting data and trading.
  • Indexes data is available for Live AMP accounts only.
Note: Expired futures contracts are not provided.

To connect CQG data feed in MultiCharts

CQG accounts originally created for a different software will not work in MultiCharts. Customers need to contact their broker directly to setup their accounts for MultiCharts or request a new account.

Note: CQG software or 2 MultiCharts with the same account should not be launched simultaneously.

To Set Up CQG Data Feed Connection

  1. In the QuoteManager Main Menu select Tools and then click Data Sources window. Select CQG in the list of all supported data vendors and click the Settings button.
  2. In the opened up window:
  • Authorization section.
    Enter Login and Password.
  • Connectivity section.
    Make sure that the Server Name is correct.
    From the drop-down list select Sim for a Demo account, Live for a Real account.
    Custom should be selected only if you received specific settings and instructions from your broker.
  • Enable Use minute realtime data for minute based resolutions option to receive realtime minute data on minute-based charts. Realtime minute data will be plotted only if your account has the subscription for minute realtime data. If your account has only tick real-time data, you need to disable this option in the data feed settings.
  • Enable Request Continuation Data for the Front Month Contract option to receive continuous data for the current futures contract. This feature requires the corresponding enablement on the FCM's end. Continuous historical data can be loaded for the current front month contract only. CQG provides continuous historical data for minute and daily resolutions, trade prices only.
  • Enable Equalizing the closes option to make the expiration comparisons more relevant. The equalization is applied on the day of the rollover.
Note: Changing the data feed settings requires restart of all MultiCharts Processes for having the changes applied.

To add an instrument, see Adding Symbol(s) to Symbol List.

Also, make sure that you set up CQG broker profile for trading and CQG broker plug-in for auto-trading.