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At first this licensing server for the studies was available only for MultiCharts .NET Special Edition. Recently we’ve extended its functionality to accommodate licensing of both MultiCharts (PowerLanguage) and full version of MultiCharts .NET.

To integrate licensing system into your studies the following steps are required:

  1. Register with MultiCharts LLC as a developer;
  2. Select a name for the Study;
  3. Add a DRM call code to your Study;
  4. Create a protected Study;
  5. Distribute the licenses among the users.
NOTE: In case a study is used on several computers at the same time, the last user disconnects all connected users in 5 minutes.

Step 1: Register as a Developer

To do this send an e-mail to

Your e-mail address will be used as your login and the password for the DRM system will be sent to you via e-mail.

Step 2: Select a Name for the Study

After you receive your password you should log in to server using your login and password.
Then, go to the Study Name section.

SE DRM 1.png

Initially this section is empty. You should register the name which will be used for the study identification.
To do this, click the New item button:

SE DRM 2.png

Then, fill in all the fields:

SE DRM 3.png

The following information should be indicated:

  • Name - unique name, for example, Moving Average;
  • Trial period (in days, set to 0 for no trial period);
  • Default license period.

Step 3: Add a DRM Call Code to Your Study

In MultiCharts (PowerLanguage)

Add the VerifyLicense function to your study. For example:

VerifyLicense("Moving Average", "");

In MultiCharts .NET

Add the VerifyLicense function call to your study in constructor and set the registered study name and your login as parameters.

For example:

public MovingAverageIndiсator(object _ctx) : base(_ctx){
			VerifyLicense("Moving Average", "");

Study name and e-mail are not case-sensitive.

Step 4: Export a Protected Study

In MultiCharts (PowerLanguage)

After the study is connected to DRM, it should be exported to a SEF (read-only) file: see how. SEF study can be distributed to the users.

In MultiCharts .NET

After the study is connected to DRM, it should be exported to a PLN file with protection.
To do this the following should be done in PowerLanguage Editor:

1. In the main menu click File and select Export...

SE DRM 4.png

2. Select the study to export.
3. Enable the Protect option.
4. Select a protection tool (the drop-down list is visible only if the Protect option is enabled).
5. Click OK.
SE DRM 5.png

Exported study can be distributed to the users.

  1. Study can be used without registration only if a trial period other than 0 is indicated when creating the study. When the trial period ends the study will ask for the key necessary to continue working with the study.
  2. You can protect the assembly using the built-in obfuscation tool or configure the application to use any other tool. The following obfuscators do not need additional configuration in PowerLanguage Editor: NET Reactor, Agile DOT NET, dotfuscator and Cli Secure.

Step 5: Managing Licenses

Go to the Licenses section to create a key.

SE DRM 6.png

Initially the table is empty. To allow the user to use your study you should create a license.
To do this, click the New item button.

SE DRM 7.png

The following information should be indicated for the new license:

  • User name, which will be used to display the user who has purchased the study (not required);
  • Select a study from the drop-down list;
  • The key will be generated automatically;
  • Date will be determined automatically: Default License Period will be added to the current date. The date also can be set manually.

SE DRM 8.png

After clicking the OK button the license is created and the key can be sent to the user.