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by eder sam
27 Oct 2007
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: Feature requests topic and poll
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Is it possible to add some more into the strategy performance report such as: 1.MAR Ratio = absolute(compounded annual return/ maximum drawdown) 2.CAGR% = compounded annual growth rate expressed as a % 3.R Squared = this is a measure of smoothness of fit to the line that represents the CAGR% Also so...
by eder sam
22 Sep 2007
Forum: MCFX
Topic: Weekly Setups with Daily Entry
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Weekly Setups with Daily Entry

Hello, I am wanting to use power language to create a strategy that has a set up condition on a weekly chart and enters on a signal from a daily chart (if the setup is true on the weekly). Does anyone know where I could find some info on how do this, or would someone be kind enough to display an exa...

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