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MultiCharts comes with over 280 pre-built indicators, signals and drawing tools. Besides this, MultiCharts includes unique add-on indicators from third-party companies. Those studies are proprietary and their algorithms are not freely accessible, but they are designed to help you make profitable trading decisions. Below you’ll find a listing of specialized, third-party commercial products that can be used with MultiCharts trading platform.


7GTradingTools.com offers MultiCharts PowerLanguage "Custom Programming", trading tools and services. Serving traders in Europe, Asia, Australia, N/S America, Asia, Africa. Competitive rates. Quick turnaround time. Elegant, efficient, robust code by a professionally trained programmer. Skype, TeamViewer communication, secure payments through PayPal.

Adaptrade Software

Adaptrade Software is the developer of Adaptrade Builder, a Windows application that auto-generates trading strategies for MultiCharts. Builder allows you to build and test thousands of trading strategies in minutes for almost any market and time frame, from tick bars to monthly bars, for stocks, futures, ETF's and forex. Adaptrade Builder uses advanced genetic programming technology to construct an almost unlimited variety of unique trading strategies based on your specified criteria. Adaptrade Software has been developing advanced trading applications since 2004.

Alchemy Trading Technologies

Transform Your Trading with Trading Alchemy Complete Indicators and Strategies. A comprehensive trading software package written and used by real traders in all markets. Trading Alchemy offers the most complete selection of trading tools you'll ever need! Trading Alchemy's exceptional indicators and strategies have been developed by Open-Platform Developer, Joe Jogerst. Trading software written by Joe Jogerst, has been used by trading instructors and traders worldwide. He has an excellent reputation as a programmer and MultiCharts expert. He is in high demand as a developer for EasyLanguage indicators as well as trading systems. Joe Jogerst launched "Alchemy Trading Technologies" in order to offer his favorite selection of trading tools to the general public. Trading Alchemy's unique use of real time text objects and trend lines make for an unsurpassed graphic charting presentation. Each indicator includes flexible alert features and an extensive analysis commentary. All Trading Alchemy functions can be fully integrated into custom strategies. Trading Alchemy offers indicators and strategies for a diversity of trading methods.

ABC Trading Group

ABC Trading Group provides a wide range of services for Multicharts users. For almost a decade they are specialized in helping traders gaining an edge with their trading business. This includes custom programming of your trading ideas for Multicharts and Multicharts.NET. Their research and statistical analysis of custom scenarios can help you finding trading signals that you can use profitably.

You can download a set of free indicators for Multicharts, including a Swing Labeling Tool and Floor Trader Pivots, from ABC Trading Group’s website. Check the website’s trading blog including a free PowerLanguage course to help you learn Multicharts powerful programming language.


We are user first of all, we started from there, and because of our programming background we decided to change what we didn’t like. After many changes and experience we decide to make those effort products. We know how difficult it can be to manage different trading platforms, keeping ourselves updated, and here we are, our aim is to help. We are specialized in IT finance custom solutions, like signals, indicators and dll.


AlgorithmicTrading.net is a third-party trading system development firm specializing in automated trading systems, algorithmic trading strategies and quantitative trading analysis. We offer two distinct trading algorithms to retail traders, CTA’s and family offices. Visit us online to see up to date performance reports for our algorithmic trading systems.  

Algorithmic Sciences

We Are Traders, Not “Developers”

Our senior researchers and traders don't just offer consulting and custom trading strategy development, but also support our clients by providing quantitative research and professional backtesting services.

We also help discretionary traders and funds create mechanical rules and develop algorithmic trading strategies using the strict, professional, analytical processes applied at large quant funds.

If you’re in need of new ideas, we offer strategy toolboxes and robust proofs of concept for our consulting clients as well.

Do you need help turning your trading ideas into reality? Are you a discretionary fund or trader wanting to automate operations? Do you have some good strategies, but need help trading them correctly?

Let’s talk. Please drop a line to contact@algosciences.com to schedule a conversation with us!


AbleSys trading software offers traders specific buy, sell, stop signals for day trading, swing trading, and position trading of all markets, such as stocks, futures, commodities, forex & bonds etc. From 1997 to now, ASCTrend was honored with the Readers’ Choice Awards of Stocks & Commodities magazine in Stock Trading Systems, Future Trading Systems, and Options Trading Systems. It works as add-on indicators for MultiCharts. Founded in 1994, AbleSys is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) registered with the CFTC, specializing in trading software and internet applications. Products include AbleTrend, ASCTrend, and WinTick.

Capstone Trading Systems

Capstone Trading Systems is owned and operated by David Bean and provides trading information and automated trading systems to its clients in the commodity, futures, forex, and stock markets. The mission is to provide trading systems that will exceed average returns while minimizing risk and meeting individual client needs.

David Bean has been trading the financial markets for 17 years, beginning with stocks in 1995 and futures in 1996. In 1997 he began developing automated trading systems, first specializing in the currencies and then migrating to stock index futures. He is currently registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor and has managed money for and consulted hedge funds and individual clients.

NeuroStreet Trading Academy

At NeuroStreet Trading Academy (NSTA), We Create Winning Traders.

For over a decade, NSTA has empowered traders of all levels by offering cutting edge tools combined with the comprehensive education traders need to be successful and gain an edge in the markets. NSTA offers over 40 indicators and tools built on multiple platforms, along with 100+ hours of on-demand education, live trade rooms, algorithm trading bots, swing trade coverage services, community chat rooms, cognitive brain training, group coaching, and even individualized coaching and mentoring solutions.

All designed to help traders build consistent profitability. Many of these services and tools are available on subscription, meaning massive value extended to the trader at a fraction of regular market prices. There’s no better time to trade with NeuroStreet.

Diamond Backtesting & Walk Forward Manager

Diamond Backtesting & Walk Forward Manager is a very powerfull, advanced and visual Software Solution developed by Professional Software Solutions, which allows in-depth backtesting analysis, including multi layered walk forward optimizations, visual detection of best entry market response, 3D multi parameter display end many more sophisticated helpful functions assisting you getting the most out of your trading strategies


The acuTREND Trading System Software is a high performance set and forget trading system with a track record of providing compelling results. acuTREND delivers buy/sell & short/cover strategies for any financial instrument traded. Just type in the symbol and acuTREND does the rest. It works for swing, position and intraday traders. The core strength keeps the trader in the trend without the emotion.

Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities for traders and institutions. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Please contact us if you would like more information.

We lease, train and custom design our product to meet your specific trading requirements. We also consult while identifying gaps in competences, provide intervention through training and coaching to narrow voids while increasing trading proficiency.

TRENDadvisor was founded by award winning educator & trader Chuck Dukas in 1997. Over the last 15 years the Company has established a loyal following of traders on both the institutional and individual side. Named “One of the Best & Brightest” by Stocks & Commodities Magazine, TRENDadvisor’s leading position is the result of consistently and cost effectively delivering results.


Fibozachi Indicator Packages are comprised of some of the most effective and unique trading tools available on today's commercial market.

All Fibozachi Indicators are designed, developed and tested by a full team of Chartered Market Technicians (CMTs) and professional traders. Our staff boasts an impressive 'Trading IQ' and it shows in our work and products.

Our clients include traders of all stripes: from individuals trading equities to market-making floor traders to top-tier financial institutions.

We offer several different Indicator Packages and subscriptions to cover all of your trading needs and take great pride in our prompt and personalized customer support.

Jan Arps' Traders' Toolbox

Jan Arps' Traders' Toolbox is one of the world's leading providers of state-of-the-art technical analysis tools for traders and investors in the stock and derivatives markets worldwide. Customers from over 65 different countries and all 50 states of the USA have ordered from our extensive product catalog.

Build Alpha

Build Alpha is software that auto-generates hundreds of systematic trading strategies for MultiCharts with no programming required. In less than 2 minutes, Build Alpha will create the best trading strategies based on the user specified criteria. Works with all major markets and ETFs. Build Alpha uses custom mutation and evolution techniques applied to genetic programming technology to build systematic trading strategies from our growing list of over 2,000 entry signals and 100,000 exit possibilities. Build Alpha also allows users to stress test all strategies with Monte Carlo Analysis, compare vs. Random, and our own Forward simulator. Create portfolios, check correlations, and more.

Jurik Research Toolset

With innovative signal processing, Jurik Research offers low-lag, low-noise indicators often referred to as the "gold standard" in technical analysis. The Jurik Toolset is a three-time winner of Stocks and Commodities "Reader's Choice Awards" (2010, 2011, 2012). Our users are from more than 70 countries, ranging from individuals to banks and institutional traders.

Use our pre-built "smart" indicators or customize your own with direct access to our Power Language functions. Jurik Tools may be applied in any time frame and any market, in either 32 or 64 bit MultiCharts. Custom programming is also available.
Jurik Research pioneered adaptive, non-linear signal processing to market time series analysis. Our signature tool, the Jurik Moving Average (JMA), uses Shannon's Information Theory and "sliding frequency" to deliver a phenomenal low-lag filter that correctly responds to market gaps and trends. There's nothing else like it.

Kase StatWare

Take your trading to a new level with Kase’s statistically based “smart” indicator library, StatWare™, proven to beat traditional indicators by as much as 70 percent. Take color-coded trade entries using simple L for long and S for short signals.

Manage risk with probability based DevStops. Pinpoint market turns with Kase’s award winning semi-automated momentum indicators, KPO and KCD. To combine high accuracy with ease of use while trading any liquid and active equity, commodity, future or index, go to "Learn More".
The StatWare library includes a set of core indicators for everyday trading, as well as a range of backup indicators for those wishing to see more detailed information.

Kase offers a 45-day trial for a fee of $50, along with two no-charge lessons on how to use Kase StatWare™. Go to https://www.kaseco.com/ for more information and to sign up.

MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System

MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System is the modern day version of the Wyckoff Method with many enhancements. Utilizing bleeding edge electronic data available today, the suite of indicators allows one to see areas of Accumulation, Distribution, Markup, Markdown and Supply / Demand. By taking into account the various stages the market is going through, it is possible to forecast future market movements.

During Wyckoff's time, traders did not have access to ask / bid volume, which is very important today. Trading on volume alone in the current market environment is not enough. One of the system's greatest strengths is incorporating ask / bid volume into all of the indicators to gain the most accurate insight possible into the markets.

The system further enhances the original Wyckoff Method with additions such as Cumulative Delta, Speed of the Tape, Automatic Support / Resistance, Aggressive Buying / Selling Zones, and Buy / Sell Imbalances. Another advantage of MBoxWave are the Algorithmic Buy / Sell Signals to further help find potential trades. Included are automatic detection of Springs / UpThrusts, Pullbacks, and Diminishing Supply / Demand.

With MBoxWave there are an abundant amount of trading setups one can find. The concepts apply across all time-frames and instruments. You can see that the themes repeat, (1) Follow the Supply / Demand, (2) Spot Market Exhaustion , and (3) Enter trades on Buy / Sell Imbalances.


MicroQuant, LLC (the Company) is the developer of ValueCharts®: The Next Generation of Technical Analysis. The company’s scalable product suite of next generation investment tools, collectively identified as ValueCharts®, represents the first ever algorithmic driven interactive quantitative technology that models absolute price charts in terms of value.


Considering Patternsmart as a store of trading tools, we offer a complete range of technical analysis products and services to satisfy diverse consumer needs. Whether it's pattern analysis report, algorithm development, custom indicator, auto trading strategy, historical price action data mining, script debug or code conversion, we have a solution.

We work with most of the major trading platforms, we are one of a few vendors who can convert code from any platform (cTrader, NinjaTrader, MetaStock, MT4, MT5, TradeStation, eSignal, ShareScope, Thinkorswim, ProRealTime, etc.) to MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET.

We aim to offer the best possible service by providing fast and efficient solutions to traders all around the world.

Precision Trading Systems

Roger Medcalf, the owner of Precision Trading Systems has over 16 years of successful trading experience. His practical trading experience and relentless determination for solving trading problems has lead to the development of several unique and innovative products designed to give traders the vital edges required to succeed in the difficult markets of today.  Whilst primarily aimed at advanced traders he is gradually introducing beginners guides and "tuned down" products which are suitable for less experienced traders. 
The site is home to the following:
  • The Trading IQ Game(Requires Java) free to play live trading practice with indicators and platforms as prizes
  • PLA Dynamical Roger claims this is finest moving average available in the world available today comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Mach-Trend: The low trading frequency model with a very high risk/reward ratio. Saving trading from huge commission costs.  
  • The Precision Index Oscillator which is probably the most accurate top and bottom picking oscillator available today.
  • The robust and efficient Precision stop strategy which has a 17 year video simulation demonstration.


Our Experts have been working in the field of automated trading for over 10 years. We specialize on the following platforms : TradeStation, MultiCharts and MetaTrader. Our staff consists of 3 professional Programmers and 4 Traders with over 62 years of combined trading experience. Our Experts will help you take your trading to the next level. With many unique indicators, strategies and over 550 projects, we can proudly say that no project is too big or too small.


Quantlogic is a very formidable player in the algorithmic trading space having developed in-house:-

• 3,500 automated strategies covering most asset classes.

• 2,500 Trading ideas in the forms of studies

• Powerful development tools in the form of multiple proprietary databases.
Our resources enable us to provide our partners including Banks, Hedge Funds, Prop Traders, Brokers and CTA’s with a very wide range of Algorithmic trading strategies sorted into diversified Portfolios.

Quantlogic also has a unique research outsourcing model providing access to its own vast IP, Enabling technologies, and in-house specialists. The Company provides dedicated access to its programmers, Quant’s and Strategy developers, enabling clients to enhance exponentially their own capability; whilst simultaneously delivering significant cost savings.

Roy Kelly

Floor Traders Tools & Timing Software identifies cycle tops and bottoms as they occur and generates mechanical buy and sell signals. This is a complete set of trading indicators that can be used by any trader to trade any market. We believe that this method is as accurate on stocks as it is on futures & FOREX. In our opinion, this software is one of the most accurate predictive methodologies ever produced for any trader (including professional traders).

This comprehensive set of technical analysis software was developed for those traders who desire the ability to pinpoint; beforehand, high probability turn points in price and time. Floor Traders Tools is recognized worldwide as a top leader in providing the most advanced technical analysis tools for traders, and investors, internationally working consistently well for all markets. Traders and Investors, that literally span the globe, currently own and have successfully implemented our indicators into their trading plans.

The Taylor Trading Technique

The Taylor Trading Technique was invented by George Douglass Taylor back in late 1940’s.

His Technique is a short term, 3 Day Method to trade the inherently choppy nature of the markets. The easiest way to understand Taylor’s “structure” of the Market's "3 Day Cycle" is to adopt his view that the markets are being driven and manipulated by “Smart Money”.

His core premise is that the market is manipulated in stages which repeat over and over. These stages were manually recorded using his "Book Method". In 1950s eyeballing the "Book" was enough to predict the amplitude of the moves. However in today's markets and the use of computers, this had to be improved so the “Electronic Trading Book” was the solution, and the “TTT E-book”, which also included new developments, was created.

With the "TTT E-book" we do not only have a better idea of the daily direction of the markets, but also of the possible levels of support and resistance to be achieved.

The "TTT E-book", today's electronic version of Taylor's 1950 "Book Method", shows that even in Bear markets, the “Smart Money” creates a positive 3 Day Rally in over 84% of the cycles.

Taylor Trading Technique Services now offers 8 different "TTT E-books" covering a wide range of markets.

Trading System Lab

Trading System Lab will automatically design trading strategies in a few minutes with no programming. These “Machine Designed” strategies can then be traded in MultiCharts by simply pasting evolved code into prepackaged Signal Shells. Strategies created by TSL are forward tracked and ranked by Futures Truth beginning in 2008 and are rated #1 in diverse markets, tracked over the most volatile financial period of our lives. TSL requires no knowledge of Technical Analysis, although advanced users can customize the inputs considerably. The example shown was designed in 3 minutes and 6 seconds of PC run time and includes $100 round turn slippage and commission on the eMini S&P, trading one contract.

TSL will design Overnight systems, Daytrading systems, FOREX systems, Stock and Commodity Systems, Pairs, Portfolios and Option systems and produces code in Java, Assembler, C, C# and VB (Through Translators), EasyLanguage and Power Language. The work flow process to design strategies has been simplified to three easy steps: Preprocess, Evolve and Translate.

Triage Trading

Triage Trading helps traders achieve maximum uptime and reliability with their automated trading with a suite of software applications (RainMaker, TradeWatch and Triage Messaging) that will monitor, alert and report trading problems. Wherever your trading platforms run. Whether in the cloud, co-located or at your own office, you’ll know the health of your trading platform– so your automated trading performs well all-the-time. Automatically recover and failover to backup servers to achieve total trade automation. And pick from over a dozen alerting methods that include phone, SMS, email, instant messengers, social messaging and email. Be connected to your automated trading wherever you are in the world.


TechnicalCentral is an industry leader providing complete solutions to Retail and Institutional traders around the world. Over the past 20 years, we have provided solutions to over 500 clients in 20 countries. Our solutions use the latest functionality in MultiCharts programming, external modules, VPS and dedicated collocated hardware, and HFT cross-connections. Strict professional guidelines and confidentiality.


With over 25 years of technical analysis and trading automation experience, our team of programmers, analysts, and hardware/network engineers can provide solutions for all your trading requirements and automation.


1stChoiceStrategy provides you 100% automated Trading Strategies for MultiCharts with decades of strategy development and trading experience. No Confusing Indicators, No Guss works, No Market watch, No programming required, No inputs back testing or adjustments. Just plug and play. Ready to trade. 100% Hands free. Strong algorithm. Trading strategy to increase your wealth. Trade with confidence and risk control.